Time for bed again.
Tomorrow is “casual friday” so at least I don’t have to wear a suit.
We found out today that twice daily a guy comes around with free tea, coffee and biscuits on a trolley for everyone in the call centre.
So that’ll take the edge off once I finish training and start taking calls for 40 hours a week.

When a call centre worker has more of an education in economics than the leader of an entire political party that claims to know how to fix the UK economy, it is probably a tell tale sign you shouldn’t fucking vote for that complete spastic or his party.

Nevermind the fact that Loyalists support them.
Which should set off alarm bells immediately. 

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Anonymous asked:
Farage has said literally nothing about "brown people". Misrepresenting him as some fairytale racist is incredibly intellectually dishonest. Even UKIP's old manifestos never said shit like that, and they're the sort of thing UKIP-haters love to grasp at.

The pre-occupation with a huge amount of UKIP voters with Muslims and their xenophobic fear of anyone foreign does more for representing them as racists than any accusation can ever do. 

The Northern Irish MLA for UKIP literally wants to build a full on border with the Republic to stop “Romanian gang-leader types” from getting into the country. 

UKIP and their supporters can grow up and fuck off.

ancap-princess replied to your post: anonymous said:What’s your proble…

better political platform than most tbh

>ban brown people from britain
>”better political platform than most”

Anonymous asked:
What's your problem with Farage? Is he too reverse-Green party for your tastes?

He’s like one of those fuckwits who thinks World War 2 was a glorious time because WHEY FAHKIN’ INGURLUND MAYTE FAHK THE FAHKIN’ GERMANS INNIT FOOTBALL

His politics are basically centred around “ban brown people from Britain, look I drink beer.”

And with that nugget of knowledge, I’m going to bed.

To my Scottish followers: 
Vote Yes tomorrow.
Simply because you’ll piss off that cunt Nigel Farage and it’ll easily be worth it.

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If there’s one thing that working full time does, it makes you fully appreciate sleep.
Also the weekend truly becomes quite a fucking wonderful prospect.

herrdouglas asked:
What do you think about the Scottish wanting independence? I understand you are Irish, not Scottish, but from what I have seen you normally have an educated opinion on these things. I don't know much about the subject.

Well I can view it as understandable as Scotland has arguably been severely neglected by a Westminster parliament for quite some time. An anon a short while ago accused Yes voters of being bitter about Margaret Thatcher even though she hasn’t been in power for decades. However the issue still lies with the fact Scotland has bore the brunt of her government and the effects of the 70s are still prevalent today. 
At a time when a Conservative MP would be extremely lucky to have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a seat in Scotland, the Scottish are being ruled by a Conservative government that they didn’t really vote for. 
It’s issues like these that drive a lot of voters to demanding independence and it’s those issues which even the No campaign can’t ignore as you can see from Cameron, Clegg and Miliband offering things like Devo Max (Maximum Devolution) in order to win people over.
The issue with the yes vote is that it will come with the cost of the turmoil that will inevitably come by separating your country from an economy it was once part of and with that turmoil comes a lot of uncertainty about jobs, healthcare, welfare and other such things and the risk of that is something that a lot of people just don’t want to take and they know that at the moment they can predict how things can be whilst staying in the union.

Regardless of whether it’s a yes or a no vote, the United Kingdom is not likely to be the same again. With both Wales and Northern Ireland voicing their favour towards being given more powers for their respective assemblies and the inevitability of the Scottish people being given more powers. It’s looking likely that if Scotland votes no, it’ll still be somewhat of a win-win scenario for the SNP as they will gain more powers for the Scottish Parliament out of putting the pressure on Westminster to show some attention to Scotland. With the further devolution of power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and increasing calls for an English parliament; it’s looking likely that the cracks in the Union will only get larger. Either way this shit is history in the making and we’re living in a very interesting time. 


Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore - Florence - Italy (von chemik)



it’s so crazy that there are creatures like this on earth

i know…. children are so disgusting…


I heard microsoft bought mojang


bioshock infinite; 4/ screencaps - {x}

Anonymous asked:
"WOMYN ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO SCARED TO WALK AROUND AT NIGHT TIME." Tbh I'm scared to walk down the road at 10 at night in my relatively peaceful village. They're full of themselves.

>Name organisation “Reclaim the Night”
>Mission objective isn’t to make the night a safer time for everyone