Just got back from Belfast with my brother. 
It appears he failed his GCSE resit again and in a fit of anger my dad has elected me to help my brother put together a CV and apply for jobs and look for apprenticeships rather than going to the school interviews first to see where he stands academically. 

So somehow I’m supposed to help him get a job when he doesn’t even have a maths GCSE.

And I thought my prospects were bad.

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There is truly no greater moment on the internet than when a white™ saviour is confronted by a person from the ethnicity that that they’re trying to speak for with a dissenting view and then has to make the choice of whether they’re going to continue to argue against them or not.

The sheer amount of squirming that ensues is absolutely fucking exquisite.

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At first I was like “Tumblr is leaking into Facebook” but I suppose the fundamental issue is people who want to feel superior to other people and use bullshit justification to defend themselves being an obnoxious ball-ache instead. 


this is me

'71: watch Jack O'Connell in the world exclusive trailer for the Belfast-set thriller – video

Whilst I’m definitely somewhat hyped to watch this, the historical inaccuracies and inevitable mistreatment of the conflict will probably drive me up the fucking wall.

So Gerry Adams took a selfie with a goat.

The internet is a wonderful place.

I have to go into Belfast later with my younger brother to get his Maths GCSE resit result and have an interview with his form tutor about A Levels. 

On the plus side, we’ll probably be going to Mikey’s Deli for lunch, so at least I get paid for it with delicious food.

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This definitely sounds like a nightmare I had 


I mean the flag protesters were literally opposing equality

they were basically saying that it was a breach of their rights to be placed on the same level as the nationalist community

i think that says a lot

Exceptionalist and supremacist attitudes have always held a place within Loyalism since the days the border was made. We see it annually in their attitudes towards July 12th parades, where the road suddenly becomes “The Queen’s Highway” and thus that somehow gives them the inherent right to use it for marching through Catholic areas. There is a form of outrage that takes hold at the idea of having to listen to the opinions of Catholics. 

Loyalists Against Democracy got some choice screenshots of people working at Short’s Bombardier in Belfast giving their frank opinion on facebook about Catholics being allowed to work there and it sounds like white supremacists in America complaining about affirmative action. It’s the fundamental mindset that fuels a lot of sectarianism from their side of the divide. 

Brian John Spencer shared a quote from Martin McGuinness the other day which somewhat hit the nail on the head about it:

"We are in government with unionists because we want to be. They are in government with us because they have to be."




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Just found out about the Zoe Quinn stuff.

Honestly can’t say I’m surprised.

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>guy on twitter harassing celebrities who aren’t talking about Ferguson 
>claiming nobody cares about Ferguson because muh racism

I should make a special twitter account to demand he talks specifically about ISIS and their mass genocide of ethnic groups in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Then again, since when has an SJW ever given a shit about brown people (or even just people in general) outside of America. 

I was planning on being online for a bit but given that I am using the family PC which takes something like 5 minutes to load a single webpage and crashes three times whilst doing so I think I’ll just fuck off to bed again instead as this is definitely not worth the agony.


I adopted a 7 year old 27 pound cat today, his name is Atticus but my boyfriend calls him Fatticus