>resubmit dissertation proposal to Uni 
>is worth 10% of the overall module, resubmission is described as “merely a formality” by module leader 
>submit via online system, email and mail days before the deadline 
>somehow they haven’t received it 
>0% NS as a result 
>I may be about to have to repeat my final year of Uni because they’ve lost a 1,500 word essay that will have no difference on my final grade 

Well this is pretty superb.

emillythorne said: gotta lose them rolls

I’ll roll you off a fucking cliff you god damned nerd. 

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(Also having no access to video games or internet, whilst painful, DOES actually make you very productive. I’ve pretty much managed to start pushing myself back into doing weights and stuff again. It shouldn’t be long before I’m back to my pre-uni fitness level if I finally start running/cycling again. The negative thing however is you have to deal with the real world and other people far too much and that is incredibly uncomfortable.)

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Hi chucklefucks. 
My laptop died on me the other day and I’m currently awaiting the delivery of a new adapter which will hopefully fix the issue. Until then I shall be somewhat absent from Tumblr again.

Don’t die.

Anonymous asked:
why are people getting angry at that John Green quote?

It’s written on a peace wall which is part of the peace lines in Northern Ireland that separate Catholic and Protestant areas. They’re built to be about 30 feet tall to try and stop people throwing things over the walls into the neighbouring community.
They’ve become somewhat of a perfect physical symbol of the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland and as such are often visited by tourists who will often write encouraging messages of love and support on the walls against sectarianism and violence.

I’d say that there’s somewhat of an unwritten etiquette as to what is suitable to write on the walls and trying to score “MUH FANDOM REFERENCE” notes on Tumblr by writing pop culture references on them then taking photos is sort of akin to going up to a war memorial and scribbling “LEL WAR NEVER CHANGES” quotes on it. 
The peace lines are a goal for us to bring down, hopefully within my lifetime, as a symbol of healing the divide. With the importance of that aim and the role of the walls comes a level of sombre reverence towards their significance. To use them to score internet points with tacky quotes to take pictures of just sort of demonstrates an ignorance towards the purpose of signing the walls and why they’re there, and it can be perceived as quite disrespectful and straight up cringeworthy. 



Peace Wall-Belfast, Ireland

Patronising fandom references on the peace wall, uh.

If you’re thinking that writing a fandom reference on a peace wall that divides Catholic and Protestant houses in Belfast is a good idea, you’re wrong and need to fuck the hell off. 

Photos of our deep-sea fishing trip in Donegal starring myself, my younger brother and my father.
I didn’t manage to get any photos when we got past the headland due to the fact the Atlantic was too rough and the boat was basically surfing the swells, thus holding a camera wasn’t ideal. We ended up having to turn back pretty quickly and didn’t get to catch anything. Decent wee boat ride none the less. 

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“If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.” — someone with inexhaustible emotional reserves, a newborn with no world-weariness or cynicism, a rallying cry that doesn’t drown out apathy (via tributary)


… fuck, I couldn’t resist reblogging this.


Tumblr’s rightwing extremist club is such low-hanging fruit for hornet’s nest pissing, though. All you ever have to do is make a one or two sentence shitpost making fun of them to get an evening’s worth of *not in the least bit asshurt* reblogs smugly whining about how you’re a cultural marxist pussy and they’re the mostest smartsest moralestest prettiestest anglo-nordicsest ubermenschen evurrre, all of them written in a style best described as “dollar-store ripoff of G.K. Chesterton.”

Anonymous asked:
your gf is cute and i hope you tell her that like 3 million times a day

I try to give her a daily reminder that: image


So frodofeels tagged me in some “six selfie challenge” thing.
I decided to basically grab a bunch from various times over the past few years. 

I’m not sure how many people you’re actually supposed to tag in this so here we go my little hobbitses:

levkamenev, emillythorne, hayleyquinzel, prose-beforehoes, mistermay, darlingsteve, skeleton-on-the-internet (MORE SKELETONS)

Have fun fucklechucks.