Sunday 30th January 1972 - Bloody Sunday

The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association held a march of over 10,000 people in the city of Londonderry in Northern Ireland. 
With the introduction of internment in 1971; the British Army imprisoned several thousand people  without trial for suspicion of involvement with the IRA. The vast majority of these people were in fact innocent and very many were Civil Rights Activists.
NICRA organised a march in Derry to the Guildhall to stand for the civil rights of Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland. 

On that day, the Royal Parachute Regiment opened fire on the marchers. Killing 13 on the day and 1 to later die from his wounds. Seven of the victims were just teenagers.

  • John ‘Jackie’ Duddy. 17 years old. Shot in the chest in the car park of Rossville flats. Four witnesses stated Duddy was unarmed and running away from the paratroopers when he was killed. Three of them saw a soldier take deliberate aim at the youth as he ran.
  • Patrick Joseph Doherty. 31 years old. Shot from behind while attempting to crawl to safety in the forecourt of Rossville flats.
  • Bernard McGuigan. 41 years old. Shot in the back of the head when he went to help Patrick Doherty. He had been waving a white handkerchief at the soldiers to indicate his peaceful intentions.
  • Hugh Pius Gilmour. 17 years old. Shot through his right elbow, the bullet then entering his chest as he ran from the paratroopers on Rossville Street.
  • Kevin McElhinney. 17 years old. Shot from behind while attempting to crawl to safety at the front entrance of the Rossville Flats.
  • Michael Gerald Kelly. 17 years old. Shot in the stomach while standing near the rubble barricade in front of Rossville Flats.
  • John Pius Young. 17 years old. Shot in the head while standing at the rubble barricade.
  • William Noel Nash. 19 years old. Shot in the chest near the barricade. Witnesses stated Nash was unarmed and going to the aid of another when killed.
  • Michael M. McDaid. 20 years old. Shot in the face at the barricade as he was walking away from the paratroopers.
  • James Joseph Wray. 22 years old. Wounded then shot again at close range while lying on the ground.
  • Gerald Donaghy. 17 years old. Shot in the stomach while attempting to run to safety between Glenfada Park and Abbey Park.
  • Gerald McKinney. 35 years old. Shot just after Gerald Donaghy. Witnesses stated that McKinney had been running behind Donaghy, and he stopped and held up his arms, shouting “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”, when he saw Donaghy fall. He was then shot in the chest.
  • William Anthony McKinney. 26 years old.  Shot from behind as he attempted to aid Gerald McKinney (no relation). He had left cover to try to help Gerald.
  • John Johnston. 59 years old. Shot in the leg and left shoulder on William Street 15 minutes before the rest of the shooting started. Johnston was not on the march, but on his way to visit a friend in Glenfada Park.He died 4½ months later; his death has been attributed to the injuries he received on the day. He was the only one not to die immediately or soon after being shot.

A week later,
on the6th February a march took place in Newry. It is estimated that over 60,000 people marched.

Never forget those who lost their lives to make the world we live in a better place without the use of violence. 

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